Traditional Oak Staircase – Country Style

The rural countryside in St Helens is the setting for this traditional oak staircase. The remit from our client was that the staircase had to be in keeping with the natural look and style of the 200 year old property. We were presented with a few challenges along the way due to the age and condition of this homely cottage, but result was befitting for the nature of this project.

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We were impressed with the quality of service and the finished product from Onestopstairshop. The personal touch was appreciated and there was good explanation of the products and service expected. The work was of high standard and the workmanship prompt, efficient and tidy. We are extremely pleased with the finished work and visitors are impressed. We would strongly recommend the service to others and have done
Tim and Diane Fitzsimons

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A staircase is very likely to be something that you will purchase once in a lifetime! So the images here provide a brief insight, that we have prepared, to assist you through the process of putting together your beautiful new oak staircases in Liverpool.

There is a lot of information required in order for us to supply staircases to our customers, and while they can be supplied, some general information is required for us.

Unless you have a background in construction, we suggest thinking a lot on the input provided by us. If needs be, you could also take the advice of a surveyor or architect to help you in choosing the right staircase for you.

Usually, we need to know the following when working out a price; the staircase model, the shape of the staircase, the to floor-to-floor height, the width or the diameter of the stairs, the location of any surrounding walls and of course the materials required for the treads and balustrade. If needs be, we can provide a detailed breakdown of the terms used in describing various measurements and elements of a staircase which could prove beneficial.

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